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Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops Dubai

Kitchen countertops are among the essential items you need to consider for your kitchen renovation. It has a great influence on the overall look of your kitchen. With this, you must carefully choose the right one for the theme of your kitchen.

There are lots of kitchen countertops you can select from in the market. To make your search easy and get the best Kitchen Countertops Dubai, the following is a list of quality products for your specific needs

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Granite Countertop

Another amazing choice for your kitchen renovation project is the granite countertop. It is one of the popular natural stone benchtops. It has a timeless quality and fashionable design that can match the style of any kitchen. However, this countertop needs extra care.

Since granite is among the hardest natural stones, it is composed of fed-spar and quartz and with small amounts of mica as well as other minerals. It has impressive patterning and texture making it a good display in your kitchen.

Granite countertop is available in various colors like green, cream, black and brown. Some come with pearl features which have a gorgeous look. It is highly durable and has a higher resistance to heat, scratch, and stains.

On the other hand, you must take note that the granite countertop is also susceptible to extreme and sudden temperature changes that can lead to cracking. With that, don’t place your hot pans and pots on the surface directly.


Granite has very low porosity making it food-safe, hygienic, and easy to clean. You can maintain this countertop by using a non-abrasive detergent and damp soft cloth. It may require to be resealed to keep its elegant finish.


Marble Countertop

The marble countertop is considered a high-end choice. It can add luxury, elegance, grandeur, and style to your kitchen. Marble is a limestone that’s made of mineral calcite. It can provide a durable surface. However, it is among the more porous and softer stones. It is sensitive to acidic foods, including citrus juices, vinegar, acidic cleaning products, wine, and tomatoes. So, you need extra care for its maintenance.


Marble countertop is difficult to care for and clean. So, make sure to avoid staining to keep its elegant finish. It also needs to be resealed on a yearly basis. It is easy to scratch, so be careful on placing items on your marble countertop.


Reconstituted Stone Benchtops

If you have high standards for your kitchen benches, you can prefer Reconstituted Stone Benchtops. This benchtop has different names, including a Quartz benchtop, Composite stone benchtop, and Engineered stone benchtop.

Usually, this type of benchtop is designed with a combination of natural components such as granite, granules of quartz, glass, or marble chips in a crafted polymer resin base. The good thing about Reconstituted Stone Benchtops is that they are strong, hard, attractive, and durable.

Unlike other products, this benchtop doesn’t require to be resealed. It is food-safe and hygienic. Reconstituted Stone Benchtops is non-porous. So, it has high resistance against stains, mildew, mold, and scratches.


You don’t have any problem when it comes to the maintenance of Reconstituted Stone Benchtops. It is easy to clean and maintain using warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Make sure to avoid cleansers that have abrasive properties since they can dull the surface finish. Meanwhile, excessive pressure or force may damage its surface. Don’t place hot pans and pots directly on the surface.


Acrylic Composite / Solid Surface Benchtops

If you want a hygienic benchtop for your kitchen, the best choice can be Acrylic Composite/ Solid Surface Benchtops. In fact, it is originally designed for hospital use in operating rooms because of its excellent hygienic features.

It is also used as an alternative for natural stone like marble. Meanwhile, it is also designed in solid colors. One of the most popular colors for this model is a light sheen satin finish. It is a flexible material so that you can choose different designs based on your standards. It can be molded to any shape for more customization. This countertop is non-porous and seam-free material so that it can look sleek and very clean.


Acrylic Composite/ Solid Surface Benchtops has high durability, but you still need to be careful with heat. Thus, it can’t tolerate high heat directly. This type of benchtop is hygienic, making it very easy to clean. You can clean it with a mild detergent and microfiber cloth. Make sure not to use harsh chemical cleaning products.

Solid Wood

Solid wood countertop

If you want a classic and natural style, you can choose a Solid wood countertop. It comes with different options, including Jarrah, Ash, Spotted, and Blue Gum, Blackwood, Tasmanian Oak, American Oaks, and more.

Wood is a softer material compared to other synthetics or stones. So, you must watch for burns, gouges, and cuts. With proper maintenance, a Solid wood countertop can provide elegance and beauty to your kitchen. Additionally, wood can be sanded back and refinished to repair some issues.


You may need to seal a solid wood countertop to avoid water damage and staining. You can also use oil sealants and polyurethane varnish to protect the surface from stains and other elements that can damage it.

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There we go, so that is the list of the top Kitchen Countertops Dubai you can choose from for your kitchen renovation project. Take note that kitchen countertops come in different costs, materials and designs. With this, you must choose the right one that suits your needs and the style of your kitchen.

Before you avail your kitchen countertops, consider their quality and other features to make sure that the time, effort, and budget you invest for it are all worth it. With that, you can have quality and long-lasting benchtops that can make your kitchen a beautiful ambiance.

Are you ready to makeover your kitchen?