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Kitchen Cabinets
Drawers Dubai

Your kitchen is an essential part of your home. It can be your sanctuary where you can cook delicious meals for your loved ones. Meanwhile, it is also important to keep your kitchen organized and clean. With this, you may need kitchen cabinets drawers to organize your things. However, there are lots of kitchen cabinets in the market. So, you need to choose quality kitchen cabinets for your specific needs.

Do you have high standards for your kitchen cabinetry needs? Then, Kitchen By Pro can be your best partner. They have comprehensive products for your kitchen renovation project. With Kitchen Cabinets Drawers Dubai, you can have excellent storage for your kitchen tools. The following are quality kitchen cabinets you can choose from for your needs.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cupboards are a great display to enhance the aesthetic look of your kitchen. Kitchen By Pro can offer you wide options of kitchen cupboards.

Doors of kitchen cupboard

Most kitchen styles come with handle-less, high gloss, and flat doors. Flat doors don’t have other features. It is easy to clean using a cloth. You can prefer flat doors with minimalist and clean styles to create contemporary and modern kitchens.

Shaker doors are among the common flat doors that have a frame around the edges. It has a simple style that can suit different themes of kitchens. Another kitchen cupboard door style is a glass-front door. It allows you to display the beautiful items inside of your cabinet. It also adds variety to your cabinets; you can choose between one or two glass-fronted doors.

You can also opt for open shelving for your kitchen cupboard. This type of door is functional and ideal for different types of kitchen styles.

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers can take space in your kitchen. You can use it to store your platters or cooking trays. Aside from providing your functional storage, it can also add a curb appeal to your kitchen.

Kitchen By Pro can provide you a collection of kitchen drawers that come with excellent quality and design that can suit your taste and standards. With these kitchen drawers, it can be easier for you to access and store your glasses, plates, plastics, and saucepans.

Drawer runners and hinges are also considered hardware kitchen cabinet workhorses. Kitchen By Pro can provide you with long-lasting hinges soft closing that will make sure your doors will not bang again.

The slider or runner is important to make the drawer slide in and out smoothly and silently. They are mounted on the bottom of the side of the drawer. It also uses nylon rollers or ball bearings.

If you want more practical cabinet use, sink drawers can be for you. It can be a great alternative to sink cupboards. You can store dishwashing items in your sink drawers.

Kitchen bin drawers allow you to keep your waste away from your children or pets. These bin drawers are easy to maintain and clean. You can choose between integrated or slide-out bins. You can install kitchen bin drawers under or near the sink. You can also choose the right size for your household and kitchen needs.


Kitchen Storage Cabinets

These days, you can now have kitchen storage cabinets with great internal space. These storage cabinets include pull-out spice racks, pantry storage systems, saucepan storage, kitchen drawer organizers, detergent rack option, waste management bins, and more.

Corner cabinets
Corner cabinets can be ideal for you if you want to save more space in your kitchen. They are functional and can last for many years.

Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes and Materials

You can pick from different cabinetry materials and finishes based on your needs. Some of the popular finishes you can choose from include gloss, matt, textured, ultra-high gloss, and satin finishes. To help you choose the best finish for your kitchen cabinetry, consider the following finishes.

This finish is also called laminex or laminate. It is among the popular materials used in drawers and kitchen doors. It comes with high durability making it ideal for different kitchen styles. It is available in various designs and colors. It is also easy to maintain and clean.

The thin vinyl sheet is vacuum-sealed to the board. Vinyl wrap kitchen doors are ideal for a seamless look.

Timber or timber veneer can be for you if you want a kitchen with the warmth and natural beauty of the wood. It can provide an elegant look at just an affordable cost.

A very durable polyurethane paint finish. It is usually used in high-end kitchens. You can also customize it in profile and color. With this finish, you can provide your kitchen with a clean, modern, and glossy look.

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